Let sleeping dogs lie
3/4/2009 7:27:00 AM
We've been dogsitting our neighbours Manchester Terrier, Rua, for the past week. Halo, our Manchester Terrier, likes the company. I tried not feeling sorry for Rua that her parents had left her with the neighbours while they went to the Caymen Islands. She naturally uses the sympathy ploy though. Little ninja.

Halo has her own bed right beside ours that she sleeps in all night. Rua is an "in the bed under the covers" kind of dog like Ren. It was a sleepless first night getting Rua used to sleeping in her own bed all night. She tried getting up 8 or 9 times thru the night. She eventually learned that Halo wasn't trying to get up, and when it's lights out you sleep in your own bed.

Gradually she tried a couple of times until now. She's sleeping all night thru and only getting up in the morning about 10 minutes before the alarm. Halo taught her that.

It was an awesome week with Rua. She's a good dog...needy for love, but a good dog.
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