welcome new macbook
3/12/2009 9:32:00 PM
This is my first post with my new Mac. I just bought a new-used Macbook. A nice little white 13 inch one that's lighter and easier to lug around.

I have a wet suit dilema though. My laptop wet suit only fits my 15 inch Macbook Pro. I've decided to give Jeff the 15 inch pro so he can dj with it. I'm hoping the RAM is the same size for both models cause I'm going to steal 2Gs from my old one. I have the 15 inch maxed out at 4Gs and the new 13 inch only has two 512MB sticks. Hee hee. 512. You're getting ripped outta there quick.

Jeff will inherit the lousy battery that has 579 power cycles. 579 power cycles before it cacked! That's pretty good since Apple only covers defects under 300 cycles. All that extra special treatment with my charging routines paid off.

The new 13 inch only has 59 cycles. It's in immaculate condition, and I saved a ton of cash - well a few hundred + tax + apple care cause I can't by a new one without it now, based on my last shitshow with the 15 inch.

It's kinda sweet that it has the newer Intel Core 2 Duo chip. 2 must make it better.

I don't know what to call it. My first laptop was HAL a smoking greyscale screen mac 5300. Then FOO - a little 15" acer. Then SEXYBEAST, the 17" 80 pound toshiba. Then FOOBAR the 15" Macbook Pro.

lo: "what should I call my mac?"
jiff: "Ebony?"
lo: "that's gay"

I may have to think about this for a day.

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