Spam Rogue
4/19/2009 9:20:00 PM
I'm thinking of writing a small email program that will fill someone's email with 1000 responses every time they spam me.

Allan Rolland you'll be the first to get it. Then lowstressincome.com will be next. You FU*KERS. You don't deserve to be on the internet.

It would be so easy actually to write a script that would send a PFO email to their mail server with say 1000 copies. I can see the beautiful 'for 1 to 1000' loop in my mind now.

If I wanted to be a complete ass I could attach a 1MB file along with it. There take a G in the face. I bet their host would soon figure out that they are spammers...especially since the body of the email would be their spam followed by my message to stop emailing...with a little note in the subject line for the host to SHUT them down.

Good god. I could have written the code in the time it took me to blog about it. I guess I'd just have to figure out what mail server I can send my mail through. Don't want to piss off my host. They've been good to me and don't deserve the annoyance.

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