9/2/2002 11:11:00 PM

Hello to vee in Calgary. I miss you.

Wouldn't you know it. I can't get vee's notebook to dial up using the PCMCIA modem. I think it has something to do with Apache...but I'm really stumped. Who knows why but the "internet connection wizard" has a runtime error.

Now if it were my Mac, there would be no wizards to run. I'd just open up the Remote Access control panel, set the new dial up settings, then open the TCP/IP control panel, change from ethernet to PPP, set the server IP's and start dialing.

There must be a way to adjust the settings on the command line. I never trust Windows wizards. That just seems to open up an endless possibility for bugs. So I guess I'll be researching the command line settings tommorrow online. Oh and did I mention how much I hate dial-up. I miss my high speed and it's only been a day.

Good night in PEI...good evening Calgary.

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