Shizamo loves (insert brand here)
7/9/2009 12:10:00 PM
Blackberry loves U2, but U2 doesn't love Blackberry. They are already in love with Palm. Bono a founder of Elevation Partners has a stake in Palm.

I saw the commercial and nearly gagged. It's not like musicians have never been linked so closely with brands before, but I guess I get hung up on the love. I wonder if the drummer has an iPhone. If I were a paparazzi I'd be taking a picture of that. I can see the headline to the photo now, "U2 band member spotted at airport caught cheating on RIM with Apple."

My commercial idea for Palm, run the same spot but tag onto the end...BUT, U2 loves Palm. Genius. Well maybe not, but neither was the BB spot. They just ripped off an old Apple commercial anyway.

Turns out U2 loves everybody as they aren't very monogamous.
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