Chubby dick
9/22/2009 10:27:00 PM
I have a tendency to laugh in hysterics when it's inappropriate.

Tonight Tash and I decided to go for dinner and a movie. Since I worked late, we were rushed for dinner. Tash decided to pull out her coupon book so we could hit a drive thru 2 for 1.

A&W it is. I don't know why but I assumed it would be burgers, when she said Chubby Juniors.

I pull up to the drive thru ordering speaker, and Tash says "Chubby Dick" at least that's what I heard. instead of Chubby Chicken so I immediately bust up! Which made Tash bust up, and it was so bad it passed that moment that turns embarrassing as the employee waited for us to get it together and order.

Chubby chicken in tow, we head to the theatre. Since we only had 20 minutes until show time, we decided to eat in the car.
Staring up at the sign that had all the movies listed, we started inserting "Chubby Dick" to make each title somewhat more interesting. I think Hollywood is missing something cause these movies all sound more interesting than their former titles led us to believe.

The Chubby Dick Informant
Sorority Chubby Dick Row
Chubby Dick Whiteout
Chubby Dick - final destination
Cloudy with a chance of Chubby Dick (in 3D)
Chubby Dick love happens
All about Steve's Chubby Dick
Chubby Dick on Jennifer's body
9 Chubby Dicks
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