The digital signage industry is having a retro 80s throwback moment
10/1/2009 5:30:00 PM
While reading an article on digital signage forum this morning, I got stuck on the phrase "A small system can still cost tens of thousands of dollars, which is significant to most budgets." Significant is an understatement.

This is a relic of the old broadcasting/narrowcasting paradigm. Digital signage DOES cost tens of thousands of dollars. Venue Networking on the other hand, comes in at a significantly lower price. Using the principles of internet-working and by using commodity priced hardware, such as a small form factor computer and a flat screen tv, ScreenScape offers a much lower priced solution.

I decide to forward this story to Mark H, to get his take on it. I keep reading then notice the call out "If you do not require the ability to update your messages and media content remotely and a simple local update solution will do, the *so and so* range of Standalone devices are the perfect choice." Why would anyone want to run content remotely? It reminds me of the 80s when everyone had a personal computer. Psst. Remember what happened. The 90s came along and so did the internet. Running a digital sign offline is like running a pc with no internet connection. Sure you can add all sorts of interesting content...but you have no way of promoting it and no way to update it from anywhere else.

What does this mean? Now small and medium sized business can achieve the same advantages as a large scale signage deployment of any large enterprise. But why should enterprise businesses "spend excess money" on traditional digital signage solutions? If I were the owner of a large enterprise, I'd still want the same cost saving advantages as a small business. I would also want to be able to manage my content across all of my locations, pushing down the corporate brand, but allowing each local manager the ability to enhance the content at their location...making it a fit for the local audience.

Am I dreaming?

No. This is all possible today with ScreenScape. The advantage that's not even part of the low cost discussion is community. We are a social networked generation. We like to collaborate. We like the idea of updating content from anywhere! The ScreenScape Community lets you share your content to be published on someone else's screen display - miles away...across the globe...or you could run your content from a very expensive piece of hardware that will soon be outdated...in your closet with no chance of getting anyone but your local audience to see it.

Seems like a simple choice to me.
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