I Stumbled and I can't get up
10/2/2009 4:36:00 PM
I have to say I'm not impressed with StumbleUpon. I tend to resist most social networking sites at first. I'm an early/late adopter. Early to find out about it, late to actually join. I like to see if it's going to last longer than a minute first.

I decided to share ScreenScape on StumbleUpon, and after some login confusion...and usability issues (there's no clear way to add a site...I ended up going to Addthis and clicking StumbleUpon to get the URL then I edited the reference site), it says "Could not open socket".

Could not open socket

That leaves a bad taste in my mouth. First, make the page pretty. Black Arial 14pt text on a white page looks like I should NEVER have seen this error.

Second, change the message to something visitor friendly like "We apologize, some major shit storm is happening on our servers right now. I'm embarrassed you had to see this."

Third, 8 million users is a good enough reason to not find a socket, but also a good enough reason to throw more hardware at the problem.
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