9 1 1 I mean 4
10/15/2009 8:20:00 PM
It wasn't an emergency.

I think 'dial 9 to get an external line' on a corporate phone system needs to be re-designed. Say for example you dial 9 to start then follow up with a 1 for a long distance call, you are 66% finished of a 911 call. Then suppose you dial area code 416 for Toronto. The 4 is directly below the 1 on a keypad. You can see where I'm going here.

Then say you realize you hit the 1 instead of the 4 with your clumsy fingers. You see 911 on the display, and try to hit the arrow key which is delete on your iPhone, but on a VOIP phone its the DIAL button. Stupid design.

It connects to 911, and you hang up immediately in hopes that it didn't connect.

A few minutes go by.

But it's only seconds later that 911 calls back the main line, our office manager tells them that there's no emergency, but they proceed to tell us that the cops have to come check it out.

A few minutes go by.

Our Ops team prints out the VOIP call log to trace who in the office is 'having the emergency'.

There it is in black and white. Lorrie Jollimore on the call log...so embarrassing.

A few more minutes go by.

The police arrive. I hear Kelly explaining what happened. I feel like I've just wasted taxpayers money..but I feel secure knowing that if there ever was an emergency where you couldn't talk that lady who choked on a chicken nugget would have some hope if my brother wasn't there...someone would arrive promptly.

Seriously, who's the twit who decided that 9 would be the external line number?
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