boolean review
4/7/2010 11:20:00 PM
0 - Foursquare is a game people. Who wins? The owner of the data and the advertisers. All that data for a free coffee, ego stroking and being called a major. Suckas!

1 - iPad is growing on me. I'm so tempted to get one at the end of the month. ( But I haven't told Jeff yet...but I can remind him he just bought new monitors at a similar price.) Whoa my audio nerd is rubbing off, I just called them monitors instead of speakers!

0 - social notworking (networking) whatever, all seems like a waste of time to keep people who don't really care about me informed about what I'm up to, so they can become envious of my stainless steel refrigerator and new tiles. Big woop. Me and a million others. Individuality is becoming lost in a sea of news feeds, cause I'm starting to not care, which is opposite to what was intended.

1 - getting excited about technology again. Building a better site, working with a stronger team. Making progress.
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