get er done or get off the bus
5/12/2010 8:59:00 PM
Balance can be achieved when you build a team that works hard. I'd prefer working with a team member who can wear many hats over specialized workers that rely on others to perform part of their work. So far, I've learned that someone who's been self employed - does the work of two people, and they will never let you down if you hire them.

I have a dislike of the word 'manager'. The dislike comes from work environments where managers aren't really that skilled, and the talent they manage is what makes them good. Take away that talent and you often have a manager that doesn't even know how to use technology. Shudder. That scares me.

If you want something done, give it to the busiest person. If you have managers that spend more time in meetings than creating or producing...well you may want to consider how much you need their effort based on the scale you pay them.

I believe a good leader leads by demonstration. They get their hands dirty and they jump onto any task that needs to be done. They encourage others around them to do the same. They have a clear vision of the road ahead cause they are right there building it, not just along for the ride.
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