tablets haven't been this hot since Moses came down from Mt. Sinai
5/19/2010 9:02:00 AM
Great review from wired.com. Which one should I get?

Turns out last month the Macbook Pro I gave to Jeff (when I replaced it with a little white Macbook) completely died.

We've already had the fan replaced on that laptop under warranty. Now the warranty is up, and the screen stopped working. What a total pain in the arse. I paid close to $3000 after taxes for that stupid laptop. It seems every other Mac computer I buy is a total dud. Memories of my 5300 are flooding back.

Turns out the white Macbook I bought used from Rachel for $900 no tax is awesome! The only downside is the monitor adapter...can't hook it to the TV to watch the Big Bang Theory without buying another adapter.

So it might be time to replace the old silver Macbook Pro with a tablet. But it has to run Flash. I refuse to buy any more Apple products until they smarten the hell up and play nice with Adobe. You hear that Steve...make friends or I'll buy HP crap until I die.
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