I'm the mayor
8/11/2010 12:53:00 PM
I'm now the mayor of two fine Charlottetown establishments on foursquare. The first is Outriders Steakhouse - where the neighborhood crew often dines on Saturday mornings. Not really a foursquare crowd, so no one checks in there, I admit an easy mayorship to get, but the venue managers have no idea that their business is getting viral marketing spin off.

The second is Loompa Dogs, my friend Grahams sausage stand, on the corner of Queen and Grafton Street.

I explained to Graham today that "I'm the mayor of Loompa Dogs." As a marketer, I'm really understanding how this translates into a street level/ location based campaign for venue managers.

For example, I added a tip to his venue, talking about the $1 off discount by presenting Sketch-22 tickets when you order a sausage. Any one of my friends on foursquare when walking by will see my tip. This encourages more participation.

This can make a big difference to the number of visitors your business gets.

Next I'm going to try and organize a swarm. I don't think Graham will know what hit him. Perhaps I should tip him off to have a few more dogs ready that day.
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