oh the tangled web we weave
8/13/2010 12:03:00 PM
Today I said outloud "I tweeted it and liked it." When I created this blog that phrase would not make sense.

I'm working on a little drupal php hack to dynamically add the URL to the facebook like this button, so it can automatically appear on each post and then correspond to the proper permanent blog post link.

I will likely add that here shortly. I love that I can recode whatever I need with my blog. My co-worker Terry who showed me the Tweet this button mentioned he had to paste it into every blog post each time until Blogger catches up and integrates a tweet this & facebook like this module.

I've revised my twitter page to look more like shizamo. I just noticed this today

"Get updates via SMS by texting follow Shizamo to 21212 in Canada"

So there you have it. Integration of all these networks is slowly and surely on the way.

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