10/2/2002 11:26:00 AM

"I'm sorry about this guys, I was sure that my roomate would be here to open the door." said an anxious Gillian, after my brother and I tried to unload her futon and new chaise (my old one) into her new apartment. "So did you mention to your roomate what time you'd be coming by?" I asked, just to clarify that dead end. "Yeah, he said he'd be here...My other option is to get Christian's set of keys." "But he's at work now." Christian worked all summer as John A. MacDonald, historic Father of Confederation...this should be fun, let's go off to Peakes Quay to find Sir John A.

Upon arriving at the Quay, we strolled into Founders Hall in search of a staff room filled with Fathers and Mothers of Confederation. "Is Christian, I mean Sir John A. here?" "No, he's over by the gazebo, I can fetch him for you." Who this was, I'm not sure. Let's see the only other Father that I remember is Darcy McGee, so let's assume that it was Darcy. "Thanks." Gillian and I head back for the truck to update my brother who was parked illegally. I look over to Gill as we descend the stairs, "Do you see how funny this is?" Thinking in the back of my mind that the clock is ticking on getting the rest of my stuff moved and delivering Vee to the airport on time for his departure. "Yep, it's crazy."

So off we head towards the gazebo. I think it was Gillian who first spotted him. "Sir John A." I say to grab his attention. "I'm not a Sir yet....just John A." I had forgot there for a moment that the year was 1864. "OH. John A. How's it going? I'd like for you to meet my brother." How often does one get to meet an historical figure I ponder - he'll like that. Walking over to the truck, I say "How come you don't have to wear one of those weird top hats?" "Look, I'm the oldest actor here, I can do what I want." Point taken.

Even though they already met as 'Christian my old roomate'......"Greg, this is John A. MacDonald" "Nice to meet you sir." Knowing my brother's sense of humor is as whacked as mine, he played along as perfect as I imagined.

And with that notable meeting in time, we were off to continue our mission, keys in tow.

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