9/28/2010 5:18:00 PM
I signed up for Netflix on the weekend. Thoughts so far:

Windoze Silverlight is the worst media player in the world. Choppy choppy! Looks like you are watching a slide show instead of a movie. We did a few experiments to see if it sucked on every platform. Turns out my iPhone plays the movies without the choppy jitters. Same wireless connection for the test.

Also so far you can log into a number of devices at the same time with the same account and stream movies without interference. Jeff and I tried streaming on both of our iPhones and the netbook at the same time with no issues. The cool thing is that your progress is tracked in the cloud so you could stop your movie on your phone, and then continue to watch it where you left off on your netbook connected to your television. The quality of the stream on the netbook was ok. Seems if you stop and start the movie a bunch of times the buffer eventually evens out and it streams normally.

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