10/11/2002 1:16:00 AM

I hate to admit that I even watch tv. But I do, everyone does. It's a love/hate relationship, watching Survivor every week. Making fun of people still continues to draw me in.

But here is the best part. There's this commercial on now with Donald Trump and Grimace. I crack up solid every time I see it. Donald says something like "How do you do it?" to Grimace. AND THEN Grimace drops his jaw, and blinks twice. That's it. I lose it. The dumbest look, it's awesome that he says nothing. I don't know if Grimaces can talk to begin with...??? hmmm. The second time I saw it I teased my brother that that's what he looked like when he first wakes up in the morning. Tee hee. Now everytime it comes on, I say that to him. I swear I start cracking up even when I'm by myself watching it. I had tears streaming down my face last night and I was all alone in the room.

Hysterical. I wonder if they intended to get that kind of reaction? Or perhaps I need medication, too much tv is sure to leave a mark.

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