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3/2/2011 8:16:00 AM
A journalist and reader of shizamo! :), Agam Shah, contacted me yesterday about my thoughts on the iPad2 for an article he was writing. It got picked up by PCworld and a bunch of other sites from the wire.

Read the article here.

After my feedback Agam said "Your comments are the kind that incites rage in Apple fans, so prepare! It's all about Apple being the underdog in a sea of companies that steal their ideas. That rage of fanboys just never goes away."

Here's the full commentary I gave Agam on the subject...
I haven't bought an iPad - features most interested in is forward facing camera for Skype and thinner design. Hard to say if i'll get the second generation one...I've recently rebuilt my iphone 3G to repair a cracked glass, case and old battery. There wasn't enough appeal to buy the iPhone 4 so I'm sitting on the fence with getting an iPad. Initially when the iPad was launched the reason i didn't buy was no support for Adobe Flash and no front camera. Since they won't be supporting Flash anytime soon, it would likely come down to better design - same or lower price.

I have been waiting for some great Andriod tablets to be honest! There hasn't been any in the market making any real noise to gain my attention. Flash video would be the reason for flash support - having more choice with online videos. As much as I love my 3G iPhone's interface design, I'd consider an Andriod tablet in a heart beat if features + price were aligned. I have no love for or interest in Windows platform though. I still curse my Acer netbook running Windows 7 on a daily basis.

If I already owned an iPad I would likely agree that modular storage would be key. I'm still hung up on the front facing camera, I think it was a terrible design flaw to even release the first gen tablet without it. It just seems to be the perfect design/size as a device for video chat.

My response to Agam in regards to inciting rage with Mac fans:
"LOL! I can handle the flame wars Agam. I'm a diehard mac fan since early 90s (own 2 at home) but use a pc daily at work. I stopped drinking the apple kool-aid a year ago, when my $3000 Macbook Pro stopped working after only 3 years. I'm a little more cautious now - but haven't been disappointed with my iPhone. I guess I've insulted both sides equally. :)

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