how to tell if a guy is batshit crazy
3/30/2011 9:03:00 PM
Jeff pointed out that I got more than 1 out of 7 of the "7 signs the woman in your life is certifiably crazy" quiz on guyism.com.

In my defense knowing martial arts and getting into physical fights are 2 separate things. I don't fight or ever hit anyone I'm not sparring with - and anyone I spar with knows karate too, so #1 I can't say I agree with that.

I will admit to shooting guns as a pastime. But it's crazy fun, and you know I bet if there were a guy crazy test shooting guns wouldn't be on it. It's ok for guys to go to the range and pop a few rounds into the dirt, why that's got a Stallone manliness about it, but if a girl goes she's certifiably crazy. HOGWASH!!

So since there's no girlism equivalent to this test, I'm going to write the quiz to tell if your guy is certifiably crazy.

#7. You've just met him and he's trying to show you a hundred videos on YouTube on his mobile phone. A nervous twitch may not be present, but this guy is using other peoples jokes to make you think he's funny. RUN the other way girls or spend weeks agonizing once the crush fades.

#6. He wears diapers over the age of 3. Enough said.

#5. He wants to share a facebook page with you. He's so above being a part of any social network but logs into your account to keep in touch with mutual friends...then without realizing posts comments as you on your friends wall. Ladies change your password, and give him to boot from your social network teet.

#4. He's a "reformed" meth/heroin user. You don't come back from that crazy train that easy...Don't be impressed by the tattoos girls, RUN!

#3. He has a problem with you making more money than him. This guy is tough to spot at first, cause you think he wants to be the bread winner - which is admirable. But get in your beemer and drive the other way ladies.

#2. He's never lived with anyone but his mother. Don't move in with this guy gals. He will end up resenting you and his mom will hate you more than he does.

#1. He leaves out parts of his background or eludes to some fffed up shit in his past that he won't discuss. Use your imagination girls - it's likely a classic Norman case where he hit his mother over the head with a shovel. Don't star in that horror flick.

The point here is that so often I hear of guys calling gals crazy, when in fact it has nothing to do with gender - it's a fact of life. Some people on this planet are batshit crazy. I hope my quiz will help you spot them before it's too late. PS - this is all in fun, and Jeff you passed the quiz. i was going to write at least one for you but didn't. I know we're both looney - we don't need a quiz to prove it. ;)
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