tablet arrived
6/16/2011 10:31:00 AM
My Android tablet arrived from Hong Kong last week. I didn't realize that it would ship with a Chinese power adapter. Jeff found a nice little power converter at Walmart for $9. Bringing my total cost for the tablet including shipping to $95.73

I started playing with it yesterday - it's not high quality hardware that's for sure...but that does make it very lightweight. I think my iPhone is actually heavier. Being familiar with using an iPhone, you really notice how slow the touch screen is for typing on the tablet. I can't stop hitting space bar twice to end a sentence with a period. Apple has my brain programmed. Browsing is really great with the tablet though, the screen will rotate nicely for landscape or portrait viewing.

I set up my email account and it seems to be an excellent size for reading. I got the 7" tablet so it's still very portable in my handbag. I have to say for less than $100 this device is pretty sweet.

I laughed at the photo slideshow that came preloaded. Your photos load into a bunch of Chinese templates. It's hilarious! I'll make use of that feature to entertain myself.

My last post about whitebox tablets got featured in Agam's article - picked up by MacWorld. I had no idea these no name tablets were trending in the marketplace. I just happened to find one at Focalprice.com when looking for another battery for Jeff's new Samsung Android cellphone, oh and some watches, and phone accessories. Geeze that site is my new kryptonite.
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