9/3/2011 1:25:00 PM
After playing with my generic tablet for a few weeks, it froze, showing only the little green Android dude on the screen. I tried killing the battery then recharging and nadda.

Jeff did some research and found that it was likely a firmware issue. He found a forum where you could download an open source version of Android to replace the Chinese one on my tablet from Hong Kong. Since my tablet came with a micro SD Card, he was able to load the new version of Android on the card.

Luckily the tablet also came with a dongle to plug in usb devices as after the install the touch screen wouldn't work. By plugging in a mouse he was able to navigate about and check out the version of Android that was very hopeful. Looks like Uberoid the open source version would allow for access to the Google Marketplace.

The Chinese version of Android didn't access it so there was really no interesting apps to download - an no way to download them.

Jeff found a post in the same forum to get the touch screen working, but it required a hack to the boot file. This is where he handed it off to me. I had never dealt with Android before but I never shy away from digging into files and code to decipher instructions.

Turns out a whole line was missing in the boot file to make my WonderMedia (WM8650) tablet work. Once I added the setenv line and modified the existing touch screen io line, another install with the new boot file fixed everything.

Turns out Google has placed restrictions on what app appear on certain devices in the Google Markeplace. (I smell Apple in Google clothing.) So close and yet so far. I'm looking for hacks now to get Flash installed and Skype. Which will make my $100 tablet entirely useful and less of a "for the heck of it" purchase. I'm running Uberoid WM8650 1.3.0 HYBRID HoneycombMOD v6.

I'm currently writing this post with my tablet - however with the dongle to hook up an external keyboard and mouse. I can't imagine doing any writing on the tablet without this, as stylus pointing to each letter would drive me mad.
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