Design takes another beating
3/27/2012 12:18:00 PM
It would seem the WWW is giving designers another reason to rip their berets off their heads and go screaming out the door into the streets.

At least that's how I feel.

With the amazing things you can do with html5 and CSS3 these days it's all just getting your hopes up, only to let Microsoft let you down once again.

Say for example you want to embed a font to make your website awesome. Sure you can still use common web fonts for your body copy, (you can dip your toes into brilliance slowly), but if you want to create impact with your H1s for example, you can boldly go where no web browser has gone before, and embed fonts using @font-face. Everything looks beautiful if you are running a mac. Apple has always accounted for anti-aliasing. Even the latest Windoze browsers will look amazing across all browsers. BUT XP, the most prevalent OS on Windoze, doesn't handle anti-aliasing very well. In fact they went to the trouble to develop ClearType which will make things look beautiful again, but some idiot engineer probably under a tight release schedule decided that it should be turned it off by default to preserve resources. Which translates into = it doesn't exist! As who the hell is going to look into even discovering it. Only a designer or web developer would even venture down that path to discover it and turn it on. So that means that 40% (estimate) of your visitors will just see your fonts as an anorexic version of their former glorious selves.

Jeepers I hate the the internets some days. It's a sad day for design.

Cross browser/platform compatibility - will there ever be a day?
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