80s slouchy knee high black leather boots
4/5/2013 10:17:00 PM

Those who've known me since high school will remember these black knee high slouchy boots that I don't recall removing from my feet from about 1988-1989. If I had a trademark it would be these boots. They went with everything, (easy when your entire wardrobe is primarily black with a few white, grey and denim pieces mixed in for good measure.)

Ahhh, I have been looking for these boots for years. There's no way you can buy a new pair, and short of taking up fashion/shoe design there was no way of getting them custom made.

I saw a girl walking across the street the other day to go to the culinary institute with a pair of boots on very similar to these. My heart jumped, and I almost pulled over and asked her what size her feet were and if I could buy them. That would be totally weird but that is the extent that I've been missing these boots.

Then I googled them, which led to ebay, and then to etsy.

Well not anymore, they are on their way to me. Now I have to see what shoes I will part with on their arrival...just to keep the minimalism in check. God I hope it's not something that I'll be desperately searching for in 25 years.
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