My brain solves problems while sleeping
9/9/2013 1:33:00 PM
Last night I figured out a problem I was having with html, CSS, and javascript while dreaming.

That's weird eh? I woke thinking "the CSS class is referenced in the javascript!" My brain solves problems while sleeping. This is not the first time I've done this.

I was integrating some existing code that caches the window you are browsing so that when you refresh you land at the same section that you were browsing. This is especially relevant when designing one of those long sectional pages, that scroll down, down, down to serve information in a relevant one stop infographic type of way. Because I repeated the same code block a number of times on the page, my text disappeared when it was rendered for all other times except the initial one.

This was the problem my brain was solving while sleeping. I was only looking at the html and CSS last week when it occurred to me the CSS class was likely referenced in the javascript and all but the initial rendering was ignored.

Sure enough today I was able to prove my dream problem solving efforts, which led me down the path of finding a solution. There's nothing like getting everything working to get a good night's sleep either. Now I can dream about flying instead or something a little more amusing than web pages!

I read an interesting article about how important sleep is to retain what you just learned. "There seems to be some type of memory processing that's creative that starts to take pieces of information that we've learned recently and starts trying to test the connections between that recent information and all of the information you've got stored in your brain," he says. "So it's almost like memory pinball you're bouncing that information around, you're testing which connections to build."

"Our brains are less effective at absorbing new information without sleep. Plus, our ability to retain recently learned information is impaired and you lose the chance to essentially hit the save button on that information."

The more I sleep the smarter I get. Well you get the idea.
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