Correction kills variation
10/2/2013 12:48:00 PM
While attending my second segment of training at Anat Baniel Method training center, I realized that as complicated as the brain is, there's some very simple logical principles. Anat discussed how "correction kills variation". I've been thinking about this ever since.

Variation is a fantastic technique to provide your brain with information to perceive differences. The more varied the information the more your brain (you) will figure out the best way to move.

Ideal movement is effortless and given enough variation you will choose the easiest way. You can often improve your own movement by giving yourself more variation. Even contrasting doing something badly with a movement that is more ideal will do this.

Learning is about understanding and perceiving differences. So parents and teachers take note, correcting only provides the student or child with a chance to feel what's it's like in that moment. They often can't get back there on their own without a chance to try a bunch of variations so they will feel which movement is effortless and more ideal.

I recall when learning karate I would naturally try the blocks a bunch of different ways. In time, the efficiency of my movement improved to find the best trajectory with the least amount of effort. Only then can you go fast, (after a lot of slow training) and start to feel powerful.

Even after I learned to effectively use a block I enjoyed the training classes where we slowed down a kata and moved very very very slow. I didn't realize at the time that this was providing my brain with a chance to find that ideal movement. Anat says "you can only do that which you already know fast." Rushing, at least in karate often proves unwise. As fast as a technique is, you only realize that it's messy at the point of impact. That's when you see that your power is lost on sloppy technique that didn't have the correct trajectory to support the skeleton and properly transfer the weight to the ground upon impact.

To illustrate a movement that is less than ideal: I recall a kick once where I stubbed my toe and limped around for days.

When a child suffers a brain injury the amount of variation that naturally occurs is lessened. This is why Anat's work and training is so powerful. Based on one of her essential principles, variation, you can help children feel these variations of movement so that they can start to perceive differences and naturally choose the most effortless ideal movement.

Wow! 12 more segments to go and already I've learned so much. As with karate only after years of training and understanding do you reach black belt. At that point you have a foundation to continue to learn. We used to say that black belt was only the beginning. Such is true with karate and life learning.

Learn more about how neuromovement is changing the lives of children with challenges and how you can support the Anat Baniel Method foundation.

To book a ABM lesson for you or your child or to learn more visit my other website http://movementandvitality.com for more information.
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