3 year hiatus
1/14/2014 11:55:00 PM
I'm sitting at the kitchen island on my improved styling white Macbook circa 2007. I now have a new battery, os and more ram. Seems to be doing the trick, the internet works again. You may see more of me here. I'm bored of social networks at the present.

I've been dying to do some creative writing. I used to have ideas for short stories almost every day. This evening I'm sitting here thinking how much everything seems to be in one gigantic loop. I don't know what day it is most days as I get up at the same time and go to bed (well except for tonight) at the same time. Do the same things most days, in almost the same order. My brain is craving creative ideas.

It's likely that I'm still awake because I had enormous amounts of caffeine today. Which would likely be a small amount for most. I had 1 cup of coffee after a 3 year hiatus. I've been drinking tea for 3 years and today I wanted a coffee. I've also discovered that since November I've had a dairy allergy. It took a lot of trial an error and itching and hives for me to figure out.

Coconut milk in tea isn't bad, but it's better in coffee, this I've discovered today.

I've felt like I've been in a calming loop of jasmine green tea and cream for so long. I've forgotten the rush of coffee. My heart was even beating faster today I'm sure. I'm lighting up areas of my brain that are familiar but I haven't had the lights on in awhile. Must slow down. Must sleep so I can do it all over again tomorrow.
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