Stroke of insight
7/19/2014 8:18:00 AM

Jill Bolte Taylor, Anat Baniel and Marcy Lindheimer

Yesterday was a wonderful day! I've gained so much insight listening to Jill Bolte Taylor and Anat Baniel chatting about the discovery Jill went through to recover from her stroke, and how that relates to the Anat Baniel Method.

Listening to Jill describe how it took her hours to understand the simple phrase "squeeze my hand" and what that means in the body and then have the doctors tell her that it was a reflexive response. It truly gave insight into the place you would find yourself if your brain was injured and you needed to re-learn everything. It sheds a whole new light into how current physical therapy is done, when it's focused on repetitions and moving muscles. It does nothing to upgrade your brain and nervous system to perform that action on your own.

I feel changed just listening to Jill and Anat. Jill's explanation of what it takes to get neurons online with other neurons in proximity to wake them up and connect parts of the body to bring them into the movement was so simple and clear. I have experienced this when I've changed physically doing Anat's movement lessons. Parts of my body appear to be woken up and come "online" to join the rest making it effortless movement.

Having a day like that in the presence of these amazing teachers makes it impossible to not be smarter and upgrade your brain and understanding of neuroplasticity. I feel so grateful.

If you haven't watched Jill's Ted Talk I recommend it.

To book a ABM lesson or to learn more visit my other website http://movementandvitality.com for more information.
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