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8/28/2014 9:55:00 PM
I just read Prince Edward Island and Climate Change - A Strategy for Reducing the Impacts of Global Warming document from the PEI Department of Environment, Energy and Forestry. I have to say I was impressed reading some of this. Especially the part about Waste Watch and our Wind Energy initiatives - where we are leading the way for others to follow our path. There's no date on this document but I'm guessing it's a few years old now.

It still lists the Hybrid Vehicle incentive of $3000 off PST - which ended in April 2013 when HST was introduced. Now there's no incentive, not even a penny, to purchase a green vehicle. Saddening. These documents rather than being used as a guide for the future somehow become stale documents that point out how off course we end up.

I had to laugh that the doc said it was printed on recycled paper - but the designer left 5 empty pages at the end for notes. Sustainability and Design go hand in hand. Kind of silly that wasted printed paper oversight. Come on designers - be smarter than that!

I've decided to purchase a Prius. All those trips to California have got me thinking green. When I ran the numbers this evening, I'm hopeful that it's the right choice. The trend is higher gas prices year over year. In 5 years when the car is paid for entirely I can only guess what the price of gas will be. I'm going to guess $2 a litre. It's $1.32/L right now. As it stands now, when I work out my old payments along with the gas I purchase monthly compared to a slightly higher payment with a lower gas bill a month, I'm no farther ahead. It will cost about the same as the car I have now. I just feel better knowing that in 5 years I will have a car with much lower kilometres than the one I have now. But again, that's not factoring in any increase in gas prices, which makes it the right choice for the long run.

It's days like today where I miss my Dad the most. He could run the numbers and make sense of any bargain out there. I feel as though if he were still alive, he would be thinking the same things I am. If I have only half of his common sense, I will still be ok. I loved driving any new car I got out to see my Dad for the inspection. He would tell me on the phone before I even bought the car if it was a "piece of junk" or not based on his knowledge of engines and how hard it was to repair them. He did teach me well I suppose. I drove a hard bargain tonight at the car dealers.

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