GPS tracking for all the right reasons
1/27/2015 6:45:00 PM
This post has been festering with me for a while now. I havenít taken the time to slow down and put my thoughts together since the event that triggered it occurred. After a blizzard today and being snowed in this evening with no where to go, it allowed time to let my mind wander.

A girl I know from high school was in the local newspaper weeks ago claiming that there was no assistance to help buy her son a GPS tracking device. Her son has Down's Syndrome and over the holidays he had wandered off, leaving the entire family panicked until they found him.

The story was published on CBC here: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/prince-edward-island/child-with-down-syndrome-needs-gps-tracker-says-family-1.2898871

Some of the comments make me question humanity and the type of society we are creating for one another. The fact that the province offered $1000 to fence her yard in, but wouldnít cover the $600 device leaves me baffled. Itís as though they are saying ďwe will help you keep your child locked away, but we wonít give you any comfort or ease your stress by assisting with a device that will give you peace of mind at the mall, at the school yard, on vacation etc. basically to continue to have a life less worried outside of your home.Ē

I feel for this mom. Even being biased, as I know she is a good person, I canít understand how people could criticize her for buying a Playstation instead of putting her money toward the device. This is a question a family without a special needs child never has to ever answer. They donít need to budget for assistive devices. Childrenís birthday gifts can be planned and purchased without guilt that there is something still required. As parents we care deeply that our children get every great experience every other child has the opportunity to have, and we carry the stress when there are more needs that canít always be met without support from others.

Iím disgraced at the response from our province, and those in our society who perpetuate greed instead of giving.

Coming up to a provincial election here in PEI, I challenge candidates to open their minds to imagine and help create a future society that we want to live in. A society where we truly care for others who have needs, special or not.
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