I want to live in a community where everyone belongs.
2/21/2015 10:19:00 AM

I just found this really great Ted Talk "Isn't it a Pity? The Real Problem with Special Needs by Torrie Dunlap". My own views are echoed as I wrote about similar ideas here awhile back. It raises the question "What do we gain when we separate kids?" and "What do we gain when we build a community where everyone belongs?"

The default reaction of pity and charity when it comes to special needs children needs to evolve to be inclusive by providing the same experiences for all children. Separation by ability takes us farther from a truly accepting and richer community. As we all live longer, there's a great chance that disability will impact our lives in some way. I think Torrie and her organization "Kids Included Together" who teach over 25,000 people a year, changing attitudes toward disability and providing best practices training using a blend of live workshops and innovative technology are role models of society.

As I learn the Anat Baniel Method and get closer to the completion of the basic training, I realize that Anat's approach is completely in line with this way of thinking. To see each child as a child not a special needs child. To start where they are and provide for them opportunities to discover their own abilities, not to fix them as they aren't broken.

To book a ABM lesson or to learn more visit my other website http://movementandvitality.com for more information.
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