Filling up my cup
7/20/2016 11:41:00 PM
Last week as I explained the approach of the Anat Baniel Method to a new client on the phone, someone in the waiting room sat intently listening to the call. She had a stroke a few years ago which affected her left side. She had had physio and various rehabilitation approaches since then and still wasn't able to walk without a gait or use her left arm. She immediately asked about it when I got off the phone.

After her first lesson I noticed that her left leg was less spastic, and more importantly her torso wasn't spastic and she could even begin to differentiate between her ribcage and her pelvis as I gently twisted them separately at the end of the lesson. She began to feel her pelvis and ribs along the left side. Yet her left arm remained quite spastic, bent at the elbow, the hand clasped into a fist near her chest.

When she returned for her second lesson, I asked if she had noticed any changes since her first lesson. She told me that she now feels her pelvis moving when she walks. She went home and lied down, and her spastic left arm which was habitually held tight to her chest, had lengthened down her left side. She was so enthusiastic for her second lesson. She then described how her left heel wasn't able to touch the floor and she swung her leg out to the side to clear the foot with each step.

After her second lesson today when I brought her up to standing she stood evenly and well balanced with the weight distributed evenly on her skeleton...and her left heel was fully touching the floor as it was on the right foot. When she became aware of how strong and balanced she felt on both sides, she then noticed her heel was down. Even before she asked to hug me, I could sense this was a powerful change for her. We hugged, and then she walked around I asked her to feel her pelvis and notice how flat her left foot had become, with each step just like it had on the right.

It was an overwhelming sensation for me, of enthusiasm and gratitude that I get to help people really change their lives in a profound way. My cup filled back up today helping this sweet woman rediscover herself and get a glimpse at the person she was before her stroke. She's now aware first hand that she can upgrade her brain and recover functional movement with more and more enriched learning experiences.

This evening, I had a great conversation with an old friend and a very new one that continued to make me feel blessed to have such wonderful caring positive people in my life.
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