The practice
8/9/2016 9:07:00 PM
Iíve been giving an average of 4-5 ABM lessons a day for the past 2 weeks. Iíve hit my first milestone of filling my schedule for the week and itís taken about half the time I expected it would. I gave a lesson to a lady who had fibromyalgia and was in chronic pain for the past twenty years. She was astonished that she was pain free and moving well for almost 7 days leading up to her next lesson. Word of mouth from someone who has a good outcome is so wonderfulÖI think she told most of her relatives! The power of our brains to change and re-organize is really quite astonishing. Iíve never expect such dramatic outcomes but I almost always see subtle changes after every lesson. I get very enthusiastic when I hear feedback like thisÖlike there's a bigger picture at play for me being drawn to do this kind of work. The joy it brings me when someoneís life has improved from their ability to change based on experiences I was able to provide them is incredible. To be able to continue evolving and learning while building my practice drives me to make any effort required.

Iíve been working 12 hour days on average 2-3 days a week and 8 hour days for the remainder of the work week for the past year. Building my practice first only in the evenings after a full time job all day. Now I find myself working evenings to accommodate my regular clients who need to get in on a more frequent basis. Iíve been completely wiped for the past 2 evenings after I finally get home to rest. You want to feel good after an 8 hour day?Öwork a few 12 hour days a week then you really appreciate the free evenings when you only work 8 hours.

All of this in light of my post awhile ago about doing less this year. I have learned to pace myself well in the past month. Slow and steady really does help you focus and feel more. Iíve caught myself rushing in the past and now I realize that even though I have a lot to do, Iím ultimately in control of the pace it occurs. This has been a great to influence how I work with someone to get them to slow down and become more self aware.

I gave a lesson tonight to a guy with CP who was in a wheelchair. He was quite spastic and completely disorganized while lying on my table. Limbs at times held spastic in the air. As the lesson progressed, I noticed his breathing change and become slower and fuller. I noticed how his spastic limbs started to drop and become better organized in the gravitational field. As he quieted and flattened out somewhat on the table I felt how my nervous system and brain was able to guide his to become more aware of parts of himself. As I took his spastic arm in the direction of his face, I felt his elbow soften and as his own hand touched the side of his face he let out a big sigh. Perhaps this is what Moshe Feldenkrais was referring to in his book The Elusive Obvious when he said:
ďThese hands sense at the same time as they direct. Both the touched and the toucher feel what they sense through the connecting hands, even if they do not understand and do not know what is being done. The touched person becomes aware of what the touching person feels and, without understanding, alters his configuration to conform to what he senses is wanted from him. When touching I seek nothing from the person I touch; I only feel what the touched person needs, whether he knows it or not, and what I can do at that moment to make the person feel better.Ē

This gives me a different perspective now daily. How can I get irate about a traffic light, or a guy at the grocery store who bangs into my cart? When Iím spending so much time thinking about how our brains are able to change. I start to question all of the ideas I have about love. What is love if not caring for a person giving them your attention and focus and helping them feel better about themselves. My awareness and compassion has increased and that has made me truly happy in those connected moments. What if all of us felt that connected to each other daily? The world would be a better place.
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