two thousand and seventeen
1/31/2017 4:44:00 PM
Itís well into the first month of 2017 and I havenít given a single thought to resolutions for this year. Iím obviously not one to kick off a year with diet and fitness goals. Barf. Iíve been so busy as of late that this is my first free hour since the new year began. It seems that between my online training which I just completed last week and which is continuing next week, and filling my weekly schedule with clients and then parenting 50% of the time, Iíve been going pretty much non stop. I found myself with a free hour this afternoon to do what I do when Iím not doing all of the other thingsÖ.ponder and write.

I feel incredibly blessed to have such a full schedule of clients. I love that people are so wonderful at referring their friends when theyíve had good outcomes. I just have to stay focused on developing my skills as a practitioner and the outcomes will keep coming. Just last week Iíve worked with a 5 year old boy with mild CP who had a bit of balance and coordination issues. I noted that at the first lesson his ankles were very tight, they didnít move much at all. His pelvis was also very tight. After the first lesson, he was able to move the right side of his pelvis very well. It was as if I greased it up to move. Even with that metaphor thatís literally what it seems like one someoneís brain begins to feel their body and wake up to moving parts that just werenít part of their organized movement before. I had him run down the hall at the end of the lesson so I could tell his mom that his ankles were still tight, and although I worked with them quite a bit, Iíd like to follow up with him and continue. He came in yesterday and the first thing I did was begin to move his ankles and to my surprise both ankles had an amazing degree of movement. It was completely different 5 days later, like a whole different childís ankles! Iím still surprised at how these big changes can happen so quickly but I realize I should never stop being amazed at the capacity at which humans can change their brains.

On the weekend I picked up Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein based on someoneís recommendation. I have to admit, I havenít read much science fiction in the past. Iíve been such a huge fan of watching it, Star Trek, Star Wars, Space 1999, Battlestar Galactica, ET, Blade Runner, Loganís Run, Alien (the whole series), District 9, Inception, Gattaca, Terminator, the list goes on and on. I am really enjoying the book so far.

Iím looking forward to more travel this year to keep working on my skills. I have a trip to Hawaii planned and another to San Francisco this spring. Wouldnít it be a great year if I remain this happy and delighted at the simplest things. Moshe Feldenkrais once said ďAwareness is not a reversible processĒ. I find that wondering about the smallest least obvious things; movement, organization, and how that relates to human emotions has given me so much to think about. Iíve barely cracked the topic of quantum mechanics and there is so much to learn. It makes me gleam thinking about where to put my focus as itís all good. Knowledge is so good, and Iím so very curious these days. May 2017 be all about learning and growing in the most positive ways.
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