11/15/2002 2:19:00 PM

I don't think anyone expected the success this early in the film festival. I went to the first screening last night...Sold out. Didn't get a ticket, neither did my old friend Dixon. (Whom I haven't seen in two years or more.) So on my way out of the theatre I notice a few of the actors come in with their tickets in hand. Then I realize that after the actors, their friends, the filmmakers, their family and friends arrive, (basically all the people who have seen the film already) the house is full.

My next question...is PEI the next Sundance? A little province can only aspire. Job well done Greg.

So I offer Dixon and his co workers a drive to Baba's for a coffee. What else could I do, the second karate class had already started, I couldn't get tickets to the film. Baba's so often fills the void when your life plans are changed. We are in the geobot, and Dixon (programmer analyst too) tells me that his co-worker is also a programmer. WOW! I'm betting that's the most programmers in one car in Charlottetown ever! A microgeocosm of coders.

You can imagine the conversation over coffee. 100% geek chat. I haven't talked so much geek since Vee left for Calgary at the end of August. (Who I'm missing insanely.) No 2600 meetings, no vee, no geek friends. I've been in the void for too long. Thanks Dixon for the stimulating talk about java and Sandra Bullock. :)

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