rooftop mumblings
12/7/2002 8:03:00 PM

Saturday, December 7th. First ever attempt at putting up xmas lights.

If any of you have ever been on a roof lately you'll know what I mean by..."oh man don't look down I could fall off here so quickly. I wonder if I could grab that gutter in time as I'm sliding over the edge." Well that didn't exactly happen. But as I started up the ladder all the freewill I experienced as a child turned into adult worry. Oh my god this is high...I could fall off of here. Then I took a deep breath and the child reasoning took over...chicken shit get your ass up there!

So I'm up on the roof, with my brother hanging these plastic hooks from the gutter to attach the string of lights. Seems like a lot of work for one month or so. As the day wore on my butt began to get colder and the lights began to shine more brightly, but somehow I felt warmer inside. Wow. They are beautiful. I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon in December.

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