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2/18/2003 2:44:00 PM

The following is just my documentation on a problem with a date format I had. I haven't discovered the reason why the error started to happen, but at this point it's just a freaky code bug that I had to fix. I will attempt to research the reasons why this occurred in the coming days.

The date stored is 02/12/2003. At some point in February the date Format for English Canadian locale, setlocale("en-ca"), has changed from month, day, year like; February 12, 2003 to day, month, year like; December 02, 2003. The month and day positions being swapped.

The French Canadian locale set locate("fr-ca")continues to work in the same manner as it always did, like day, month, year or 12 février, 2003.

So the problem, to format the date 02/12/2003 became December 2, 2003 in english canadian and 12 février, 2003 in French. My thoughts...Error dude. Totally different dates huh?

How did I fix? Pure workaround at this point, I used the setlocale("en-us") American English locale. So now I have Wednesday, February 12, 2003 on the english page. I didn't really want the day of the week, but it's at least the correct date.

Just another assimilation tactic of the Americans? No I won't go there, I sound like Malcomite and his Russian conspiracy theory.

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