12/14/2001 4:48:00 PM

I was talking to Santa today. He asked me if I still wanted that ibook and digital camera for xmas, or would I give that up and wish for world peace instead. It was a hard one, being put on the spot like that, after all VirtualPC will allow me to run WindowsXP on a newer Mac. I began to feel greedy so I opted for peace. He must have caught me on a good day...it's true I haven't been to the malls for xmas shopping yet. Maybe that's why. I usually go on the 24th when all the crazy husbands go. I think it's the best time to go. You leave with some stories to tell.

Vee and I are going to a Christmas play tonight at the Confederation Centre. The Littlest Angel, my friend Christian is directing it. That should put me in the xmas spirit. I'll be heading to ThinkGeek to finish all of my holiday shopping in no time.

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