4/21/2003 8:10:00 AM

Part One...

Then one day, after installing some of his best corogite fitted insular piping material, at a neighbours new house, Willard got a great idea - he would invite his new neighbours over to his house and share his magnificant collection of lint with them. Surely if they could see the value of installing the best corogite fitted insular piping material then they would certainly see the value and beauty of his own fine rendition of the mona-lisa. So Willard invited Connie and Bruce over to his bungalow for a special visit.

"Would you like a drink?" said Willard, "We'd love a beer Willard, why don't you poor us a couple Keith's" replied Bruce - "Connie just loves sucking back the old Keiths." The new friends shared a beer and discussed Willard's passion for high quality piping in a world obsessed with profit not quality. Then Willard invited his new guests down the long bungalow hall to the place where his special art was contained.

Connie and Bruce, upon seeing the mona-lisa were stunned beyond all recognition. Its beautiful they said, as they drew back another big foamy gulp of Alexander Keiths special concoction. "In fact," Connie exclaimed, "this is downright inspiring - I want to begin my own collection of lint." Willard was so happy, he never noticed the wide eyed Bruce standing behind him with a 3 iron gripped firmly in his hand ... heheahahehehheeheehehah

Author: KRAM

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