5/13/2003 5:41:00 PM

Even my spirits can get down with all of this rain. Rain for days now. The weather system is caught in a loop, with this result.

New voicemail system today. I have finally set up an outgoing message. I preferred Octel jane saying 'you have reached the extension of...**insert my name here**, please leave a message...' So now when you call you get to hear my voice. I like the Nupoint system. The generic voice talks to you nicely. Like when you set up your user name...she says "From now on I will refer to you as lorrie jollimore". " Thank you, from now on I will call you Nupoint Sally, and I will look into writing software for bots.

The future is looking like 'the' machines will start to take over. Seems to be the theme of the moment as in the Matrix and the new Terminiator movies. Our civilization at this point comsumed with the eminent fear of the machines taking over life as we know it.

I can't talk any more I have the feeling my cpu has caught on to me and is plotting against me now.

Damn the carbons!

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