today I was an actress
5/28/2003 5:54:00 PM

So how hard is it acting? You might have been wondering this. Here's an excerpt of an interview I had with myself today while shooting a commercial.

Lorrie: So how did your debut go?
lo j: Well not bad considering. I didn't have a script, I mostly just ad-libbed the whole thing.

Lorrie: Do you find certain aspects of acting more challenging than others?
lo j: Could you rephrase that question?

Lorrie: Was there a particular aspect that you had difficulty with?
lo j: Well I did have to take my napkin off the table at one point and set it on my lap. I was thinking hmmm...how can I make this look more real? I asked my director for advice. He really helped alot. It's alot easier for an actress when you have such a talented team behind you. I really couldn't have done it without them.

Lorrie: What was the hardest part?..and will there be a change of career in store for you...thoughts of giving up programming for acting?
lo j: The hardest part was trying to act natural. Which is odd as up until today it's all I've ever done. Not sure why that happens? As far as a change of career. We'll I would have to consider the role and then make my decision. Say if it were a film with Jackie Chan...well I guess that would tempt me to change directions. I would have to wait and see what's in store.

Lorrie: It has been a real pleasure talking to you. You ooze such a star quality.
lo j: Thanks. Will that be all then?
Lorrie: Yeah, you can go now...don't want to use up your fifteen minutes in one go.

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