6/12/2003 5:07:00 PM

The first thing I notice when walking ren in the park this morning was the soggy poster we stapled to the pole the day before. My roomate lost her cat. Well it escaped out the window in the sunroom. :( So she made posters to pin up around the neighbourhood. When she ran out of staples, I said no worries, we can go get some more at Staples. They should have staples I think.

So we are off to Staples to buy staples. Well guess what? They didn't have the kind we need. We even had the Assistant Manager come over to double check our staple gun. "Nope sorry girls you'll have to go to a hardware store, this here gun is an older sub standard one."


What rookies we are...going to an office supply store for staples...??? (the name must have thrown me)

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