scale of annoy-ability
6/18/2003 12:45:00 PM

Users. I would rate them at the top of my "scale of annoy-ability". That is, users annoy me the most. Ask any IT dept. anywhere in the country what annoys them. The answer will most always be users. Now I will add the only thing more annoying than a user...is a "dumb user." I know that is not PC to say, so perhaps "uneducated users" is more acceptable (and just as degrading a term). Time management becomes an issue when dealing with the previously mentioned. "Uneducated users can take up alot of an IT departments resources." Oh have I experienced that before.

Support is how we describe solving problems caused by "uneducated users". There is never the wrong job, just the wrong job for the wrong person. Development makes me gleen with energy and excitement. Support makes me the most typical self-righteous geek. Made more pretentious by each problem solved and appalled by the level of intelligence most often dealt with.

I've learned one thing through all of this. My reaction to most problems now is quite subdued. Not much gets me irrate anymore. Having a knowledge of processes involved has made me relax. It's the users I pity most, having no idea what's happening. No control, no understanding. That would be a crappy place to exist indeed.

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