a bet is a bet
6/24/2003 5:06:00 PM

Teri and I, being graphic designers, could appreciate the beauty of an open shirt Dracula. Looking at those pics while developing the page was an "oh I love my job" kind of moment.

So when she dares me to give him ...and Jonathan Harker a smootch at the gala opening of Dracula for $10, I think...Well I would do it for nothing, but ok I can agree to that bet.

As I plant one on Dracula's cheek, I hear "That's not on the lips!" What could I do? I turn to look back at Jay Davis (Dracula) and bam, he's all puckered. YAY. Smack!

Poor Chris Trussell (Jonathan Harker), talking to two girls who must have thought I was completely nuts. But I wasn't about to stop now. Not after the embarrassment had already taken hold. I seek out Trussell, and like a vampire of the night spin him around with my kung fu grip, and bam!

Ten dollars please. Did I already mention that I would have done it for nothing.

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