anne with an e
7/4/2003 12:10:00 PM

Here are three Anne of Green Gables related events of recent.

One: I have tickets to take my friends from Toronto to see Anne on the mainstage next week.

Two: My friend from high school, Fenner, recently married an Anne. (That is, the actress who played Anne in the 2001 Festival.)

Three: I tried on an Anne hat at the "Anne of Green Gables" store on Canada Day. Tash said the transformation was scary. I looked exactly like an Anne should look. I said nah...then looked in the mirror and saw that red-headed-freckle-faced heroine staring back at me.


I was trying to find an Anne hat for Master Woon-a-tai. He visits PEI as well now, for his annual karate camp. During his last visit, he called me up in front of the class to demonstrate a kata, calling me Anne, because of the braids I had. So now I'm going to get him an Anne hat today to give to him the last day of the camp. I hope to have pics of that one.

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