Wondrin about the cordial
7/10/2003 1:11:00 PM

Last night, I took my out of town friends to see Anne of Green Gables - The MusicalTM. So at intermission we went out for a drink. They all bought Raspberry CordialTM...like in the play. It's a big bottle of cordial to drink on such a short break. Silmar couldn't finish his so he gave the rest to me. I'm trying to down the cordial, Who knows why? so I say to MJ, hmmm I'm going to need to take a washroom break, right around the time, they'll be Wondrin' (near the end of the second act).

Then I say, "Psst, orchestra conductor, can you speed up the tempo a little...too much raspberry cordial!" Of course MJ, adds, "Yeah Bubbles, can you speed it up a little, gotta pee." The Bubbles she was referring to was Bubbles on The Trailerpark Boys. She made a connection with the glasses they wear.

My favorite line from Anne this year..."Diana, that's the name of my favorite heathen goddess!"

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