entire schinternet on my screen
12/22/2001 11:17:00 PM

That just about does it, I've seen the web. Just finished it, not bad too. What am I talking about, oh nothing, just that I was surfing away and one site led to another, to another...then something strange happened. I stumbled back to a site that I had seen a few years ago. Leading me to believe that I've seen the entire schinternet...?

Soon it will be time to make my trek to the Jimmer's to play boardgames and drink egg nog with brandy. Vee doesn't know the treat he's in for, after all Sawa and Derek will be there. Oh the holly berries and the xmas lights! Ren your god-dog-mother-wa is going to be home for xmas!

Time to watch Babylon5. I can't decide if I hate that show or not, but Vee watches taped episodes everynight. If I have to listen to him laughing and snackin, I might as well join in.

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