7/19/2003 12:45:00 PM

Five years ago I was a member of the cult Macintosh. Windoze was such an inferior system. Graphic design or anything creative couldn't possibly be done on a pc running Windows. I was such a typical artfart, snobbish in my creative elite ways. I seriously considered becoming a typeface designer. Oh how I love type. (Adrian) Frutiger being my favorite type designer and well favorite font.

At first the progression was slow, I started coding on my pc, and still created graphics on my Mac. Then I started slowly to get some of my favorite fonts and graphics programs on my pc. One environment that allows me to code and create! ahh.

So slowly I've been converted I hadn't really noticed. That is until the other day at work. I was opening up a logo in Illustrator and I got the message that I was missing a font. Huh, I don't usually get that message.. what font...HELVETICA!! What the? It then became clear, the designer in me was sickened at the thought. How did it happen that five years later I am working without Helvetica?

Not that Helvetica is that great of a font, I would rather use Univers or Frutiger but a classic nonetheless.

Sandy responded to my observation with, "You will never choose Arial over Helvetica again...once you look at the "g's"." So he let me borrow his Letraset catalogue so the designer could look at all of my familiar friends that I've missed.

The coder not concerned with the console looking font I scan daily in InterDev.

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