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8/26/2003 11:04:00 AM

Today I defeated the Blaster and it's sidekick the Welch worm. I was all like, "ok that's enough" to quote my favorite movie of all time.

I really like working with viruses. Here I am spending all this time at work, downloading Windoze updates, when my laptop at home is a sitting duck. I don't even have any antivirus software at home, and even if I did, it wouldn't matter because I haven't downloaded a Windoze update in a decade. No make that an eon.

Guess I'm giving up on this laptop. It was Vee's old machine and it's a piece of crap. And the retard, I mean genius, partitioned the already tiny 4G drive to run Windoze server and Windoze 2000. Who knows why? So now my harddrive has 295 MB of space left on it. Whoo hoo back in the day, that made for a smoking Mac LC, but now if I tried to download all of the silly Windoze patches I'd crashy crashy. No "space" to stick it.

I secretly must want to get hit by a virus at home, that should be a fine death for this machine. Would sure make me get a new one quick. Sometimes one needs an event to start the chain reaction.

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