new radical?
8/28/2003 5:57:00 PM

More like new radiator. I got my oil changed last night, and the guy told me I needed a new radiator. A flash of heat went over my face, as ren was freaking out, barking his head off. How can I trust this mechanic, I hate that he knows more about my car than I do. I'll make him prove it to me. I'm not afraid of walking under a heist. Wait, is that the fear most computer users have when their computer starts warping out on them?...Whoaaa. I hate that feeling. He then proceeds to take me under my car to look at the rad. (I wasn't kidding.) Yep, the fuzzy stuff is all wearing off my rad near the bottom. So what about my planned road trip to Montreal/Toronto next week in this pink geobot... Shisha.

I ended up booking some really good fares today with Canjet and Jetsgo. It will be a four city destination. Might as well. So we'll be departing from Halifax, flying into Montreal. Staying for a couple of days, renting a car, driving to Toronto then flying back direct to Charlottetown.

So that's all worked out, I just spent my radiator money on airfare.

Tonight I'm off to see the finale of Dracula on the mainstage. I can't believe Jay Davis told me his email address, and I forgot it, with all the crap I remember. Snap!

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