12/27/2001 3:12:05 AM

This is the second time I've had to rebuild my Palm from scratch. The first time I was in Calgary and I swear some kind of force field wiped out my Palm, because my friend Monika had the exact same thing happen to hers on the same day. So I went online to see if anyone else had this strange occurance happen to them, but I got no where with that, and gave up. This time I guess I've been writing too much in my Lil' Big Book. (Who really needs to write their grocery list in their palm pilot?) I haven't turned on my Palm to even play Tetris in the last month. Well, you guessed it, the batteries died, and with that, a clean Palm just like the day I got it. So I had to dig out my cradle, from the box of cords under my desk. I always use the infrared port to hotsync with my iMac, but that wonderful little feature got deleted when it defaulted back to Palm OS 3.0. I need to install 3.1, to get my infrared working again. Only one problem, I think my cradle has coinked out from being shuffled around too much in that box with all the other cords and disks, adapters, and headphones that no longer work. (Not to mention my Thinkpad 3G HD that wigged out) So now I've managed to Hot Sync once to get my Address book back. But no more hotsyncing since. I think I'll have to install the Palm software on the PC, to see if it is the hardware, or the software on my Mac. I'm thinking the cradle is whack, because I got it to work once by rocking the palm back and forth in the cradle.

Is it just me or does that sound like a child to take care of. Technology replacing children? ...perhaps?...hmmmm. Maybe I should have asked for the latest tamagochi for xmas. Or maybe I should try writing a life cycle game of my own. The larbot5009.

My other child (iMac) needs some rebuilding. I've been putting that off awhile. The end of the year to me means burning your data, and rebuilding your machine from scratch. Oh tis' the season.

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